Fueling Progress, Powering the Future

First Edge is an innovative and forward-looking company in the petroleum reselling industry. We play a crucial role in the global energy landscape and have made petroleum reselling our primary focus. Founded to address the world’s increasing energy needs, First Edge has become a leader in delivering creative energy solutions to a diverse customer base.


Investigate and Research

Our skilled professionals diligently collect your requirements, delving into every aspect to achieve a deep and thorough comprehension. By conducting exhaustive market research and analysis, we pinpoint the most suitable solutions that match your objectives and criteria.

Evaluation and Acquisition

We conduct thorough evaluations of suppliers, refining facilities, and logistical partners, leveraging our worldwide network and industry knowledge to obtain top-tier petroleum derivatives on competitive terms. Our meticulous negotiation and procurement efforts ensure that we provide the products essential for your advancement.

Effortless Delivery

As the reliable ally you can count on, we expertly coordinate the seamless fulfillment of your order. Harnessing our strategic positioning in vital ports across the globe, we secure punctual and streamlined delivery. Our team of logistics specialists meticulously manage every aspect from loading and transportation to unloading, ensuring that your order reaches you precisely as scheduled.

General Statistics

1.Founded in 2021.

2.Headquarters and Satellite Offices:
Our main office is in New York, NY, with additional branches in Miami, FL, and Houston, TX.

3. Worldwide Presence: First Edge operates on a global scale, boasting an extensive network of storage facilities and distribution centers.

4.Dedicated Team: Our workforce is a dynamic mix of professionals from across the globe, each bringing specialized knowledge in the fields of energy, logistics, and technology.

5.Diverse Clientele: We take pride in catering to a broad spectrum of clients, which includes multinational corporations, government entities, and regional businesses spanning industries like aviation, construction, and agriculture.

6.Product Variety: The product range of First Edge encompasses a diverse selection of petroleum products, including but not limited to unleaded gasoline, ultra-low sulfur diesel, and aviation fuels.


First Edge holds a vision of a future wherein sustainable energy solutions are not merely a vision but an everyday reality, seamlessly accessible to drive the relentless forward momentum of global progress. We find ourselves at the cusp of an exciting and transformative journey, standing firm as a torchbearer among the world’s leading energy entities, equipped to pave the way for pioneering breakthroughs that will indelibly shape a landscape of sustainable energy solutions, a landscape that promises a more eco-friendly and harmonious coexistence with our planet for generations to come.


  • Product Supply: First Edge distributes an extensive range of petroleum products, encompassing crude oil, gasoline, diesel, and aviation fuel.
  • Global Presence: We have a global presence, bridging energy resource producers and consumers across international borders and continents.
  • Sustainability Focus: First Edge is firmly committed to eco-friendly practices, advocating for cleaner fuels, emissions reduction, and enhanced energy efficiency.
  • Customer-Centered Approach: We customize our services to cater to the specific requirements of each client, offering competitive pricing, adaptable delivery choices, and expert technical support.
  • Our Pledge to Sustainability: First Edge acknowledges the urgency of addressing climate change and actively works to diminish our carbon footprint. We invest in researching and developing alternative energy sources, endorse eco-friendly initiatives, and promote responsible energy consumption.
  • Global Influence: Our operations contribute to the economic advancement of the regions we serve by creating employment opportunities, aiding in infrastructure development, and ensuring dependable energy supplies, thereby fostering growth and progress.


We have faith in the potential of partnerships.

As we navigate the dynamic landscape of energy trade, we extend an invitation for you to join forces with us and embark on a journey towards shared success. Whether you’re a supplier, distributor, or an industry participant, together, we can magnify our impact and ignite a future filled with possibilities. Let’s collaborate to illuminate the world with energy solutions that drive progress.

In our collaborative partnership, we engage closely with your dedicated team to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of your supply chain operations. Our primary goals encompass not only the reduction of costs but also, the augmentation of production volumes, the fine tuning of your supply chain processes for optimal performance, and ensuring the punctual and consistent delivery of goods.